Leigh-Chantelle - News http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/ Sun, 06 Sep 2015 00:09:02 +1000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb ACT Now for your Social Media Needs - Flyer http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/625-act-now-for-your-social-media-needs-flyer.html http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/625-act-now-for-your-social-media-needs-flyer.html Here's my recent flyer designed by my go-to designer, Adele from Bambi Wants Revenge.

I'm currently updating the information online about my Training, Consulting and Speaking services.
Here's the first one on Social Media:

ACT Now for your Social Media Needs

My main services for your business include Appraisal, Consulting & Training.
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • HootSuite
  • Online Etiquette
  • Online Strategies
  • Reputation Management
  • Scheduling
  • Timetables
  • Time & Energy Management

See Understanding Social Media for more info.

Please also feel free to share this flyer (post) on the following Social Media channels:
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Write Short Wednesday - The Ending http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/611-write-short-wednesday-the-ending.html http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/611-write-short-wednesday-the-ending.html The Ending

No idea and no remorse.
You can only go back and forth.
There's nothing left to loose.
I meant the truth
when I wasn't clear about you.
He's got enough on his plate now anyway.
Maybe this time tomorrow,
the ending won't be as hard.

The Ending

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Write Short Wednesday - Tonight http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/610-write-short-wednesday-tonight.html http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/610-write-short-wednesday-tonight.html Tonight

Love your life and love yourself -
or throw it all away.
Your voice is yours to use.

Enough of all these memories.
More to see means more to erase.
Just you be happy you never saw his face.
Only one thing on my mind -
where do we take this tonight?


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Write Short Wednesday - Tangled Up in a Dream http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/609-write-short-wednesday-tangled-up-in-a-dream.html http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/609-write-short-wednesday-tangled-up-in-a-dream.html Tangled Up in a Dream

Got your thoughts
all tangled up in a dream.
Think of everything else, then me.
Leave some space
for the moments in between.
Then smile and wave as you leave.

Tangled Up in a Dream

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Write Short Wednesday - Yes? http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/608-write-short-wednesday-yes.html http://www.leigh-chantelle.com/608-write-short-wednesday-yes.html Yes?

It all happens when it's meant to - right?
There's no coincidences
just moments to connect us
all to exactly what we need to find.


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