Find The Light WSW
Find the Light The world has already gone dark, so let us find the light. Tell me exactly what we need to do. Together we can make this right. I think we need to get our hearts to beat in time. You’ve told me it’s crazy, but let’s give it a t...

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Upgrade Yourself WSW
Upgrade Yourself There’s shifts coming. I can feel it. You would be able to too, if only you could disconnect from distractions and white noise. Connect. Contemplate. Be open to the new - before it is forced onto you. Upgrade yourself first, bef...

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Start with Your Heart WSW
Start With Your Heart Somebody said that I’ve got to give more than I have - more than I thought. That when I ask just where I should start. - Well here’s the part - Start with your heart. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write Short Wednesday...

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Your Reality WSW
Your Reality Create powerful intentions. Make them your reality. I can see with their alchemy. It will only be as good as we will it to be. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest!

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Instagram Changes WSW
Instagram Changes Instagram in changing. “Turn notifications on!” So you won’t miss all the overwhelming posts on your feed.But now is the time to talk about turning ALL notifications off. You will survive! The sun will still rise! Please foc...

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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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My #interview with James Aspey - AND a heap of others - coming in the next few weeks! https://t.co/zt9E0Kzm6x
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