Responsibility You have chosen this moment - so embrace it. This is your creation - so face it. Not happy? Not fulfilled? Then change it. See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest!

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Time Takes Care of You
Time Takes Care of You Till the next time the phone rings, I'm going to sit here and not do anything. My wrists are aching, but they always do. Time takes care of you - always said that it would. You should know who you're talking to. See the wh...

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Sleep I was meant to be asleep hours ago. But here I am, sitting with a blanket engulfing me. Writing down thoughts and memories, ready to soon be asleep. Maybe. See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest!

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SM icons
New website Vegan Business Media launched this week. My article The 3 biggest mistakes vegan business owners make with Social Media was part of the launch content included. Don’t fall into these traps if you want your brand to succeed on social...

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Dancing Shoes
Dancing Shoes I hope this time he's got on his dancing shoes. I wait atop a mountain, getting ready to fight his blues. Everyone says you're only in this for something you have to prove. What if all they're saying is true? See the whole Write Sh...

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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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I freak out every now & then about us not ACTUALLY knowing the precise EXACT #time EVER. Not worried about leap seconds though...
Craving some #new #music from Ollie Browne ex-Art of Fighting & Parallel Lions http://t.co/EluTce1Dtb

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