Rick Warren - how far
Today's Friday's Final Say is from Rick Warren: If you've already started your journey - then you're on your way.

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This One Thing
This One Thing You've got your heart set on this one thing, and an image of it all. But no real direction or tenacity, so I predict a fall. But if you're ready, they you know all you have to do is call. And I'll be waiting, guaranteed to help you at...

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A Wise Old Owl
This Friday's Final Say is a nursery rhyme: Use your ears more than your mouth.

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Love in Your Heart
Love in Your Heart Put some love in your heart and a smile on your face. Put a spring in your step and spread laughter around the place. If this world's a getting you down, down you frown. Turn it upside down. Turn it around, around, around. Sprea...

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CS Lewis - Goals and Dreams
This Friday's Final Say is from C.S. Lewis: If the first one didn't work out, try a new one.

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