Slow This Down
Slow this Down Will we ever get this right? Just to slow things down in our minds. Slow this down. Slow me down. Let me appreciate every day, every breath, every move, every play - that I'm ever going to make. That we'll ever take. And I'll slow th...

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American Tourists
American Tourists There aren't many American travellers in Asia. I don't think they'd be able to handle the lack of time management, and lack of sticking to schedules. I can spot them a mile away: pacing and looking at their watches - as though it ...

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Out of Time
Out of Time I cannot recommend anyone other than him excessively. Or anymore obsessively. Oh, I think it's time you stop finding your mind, just to lose it. You think it's time. I'd be better out of time - then I'd choose it. See the whole Write...

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Responsibility You have chosen this moment - so embrace it. This is your creation - so face it. Not happy? Not fulfilled? Then change it. See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest!

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Time Takes Care of You
Time Takes Care of You Till the next time the phone rings, I'm going to sit here and not do anything. My wrists are aching, but they always do. Time takes care of you - always said that it would. You should know who you're talking to. See the wh...

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