Here's a new podcast interview, this time with Nick Pendergrast who is the co-host of Progressive Podcast, committee member of Animal Rights Advocates, and who runs the Vegan Perth website. We talk about social justice issues, veganism, Occupy, the v...

Nick Pendergrast, Progessive Podcast

Alan Dumond is a professional piercer and jeweler living and working in Indiana, USA. He’s been a runner for a few years now and vegan for a little over a decade. He has mostly been interested in longer distance stuff, ran his first 100-miler in Ju...

Alan Dumond

Other Lights
Other Lights I'm not sure I'll be the same, but now I know it's time. Sure you've got the best smile, got the biggest heart - sometimes. Just forget to call me, or just forget to write. Didn't see this in the credits because there were always other...

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Emily Segal is a vegan nutrition coach, owner and founder of Triumph Wellness, an International Nutrition Coaching Practice. She lives in Israel but works with clients all over the world via phone and Skype. Emily works with all types of eaters, spec...

Emily Segal

See You Around
See you around Give me the strength to walk away from what I want, so I can embrace what I need, and what I deserve. See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest! This and more in the eBook Write Short Wednesday: The Poetry Collection...

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Jessica and Adrian recently were married at Midginbil Hill in Uki. Here they share their great photos and the wedding. Venue: Midginbil Hill - Under the fig tree Venue Style: Vintage/Rustic Dress Code: Smart Casual Reception: Midginbil Hill -  In...

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Raul Ramirez was born and raised in southern California, and is now a licensed acupuncturist working at his clinic, Nei Jing Eastern Medicine in Culver City, California. He’s been training seriously in many styles of martial arts since the 1990’s...

Raul Ramirez

FaceBook FaceBook will be the death of me. Each change, new feature, removal of older feature, and less security, brings the knife deeper and deeper into my heart. See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest! This and more in the eBo...

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Bridget Flynn is a vegan athlete from the Midwest, USA who loves her job as the Sustainability Coordinator at Oberlin College. She graduated cum laude from Indiana University with degrees in Environmental Ethics and Religious Studies. She lives with ...

Bridget Flynn

Stainless My dad makes things from stainless, That shine in the sun. At night or day when they are needed They one by one become... Not just sheets of metal, seals and polishings, But actual inventive and necessary items. Everywhere I look around th...

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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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