Birchgrove The water lulls me to sleep - except at night. Then it cascades all around me. These terrace houses amplify everything. I hear the cleaner next door, and the estate agent on the other side. Cats to feed, and bones to crack. Let me sleep. ...

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James Aspey is a 27-year old vegan health and fitness coach from Sydney, Australia who embarked on a 365-day vow of silence in 2014. He educates his clients on exercise, nutrition and positive thinking through various books, movies, meditations and h...

James Aspey

Believe It's time to step up, stand up, get up and fight. If you have the will, add the desire, and a splash of faith to get us through these times. It's time to make clear exactly what we want to achieve. Add the people, add the passion, and be...

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed - and previously interviewing - Nick Pendergrast from Progressive Podcast Australia. In the podcast I speak about Social Media, Effective Online Activism, In-fighting, Criticism Online, My Vegan Trans...

Leigh-Chantelle by Progressive Podcast

Suzanna McGee is a former Ms. Natural Olympia drug-free bodybuilding champion, now competitive tennis player, expert athletic trainer, speaker and author of The Athlete’s Simple Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle and Tennis Fitness for the Love of it...

Suzanna McGee

Time This is not a waste of time. It's just treading water in the meantime. Foreseen doesn't mean something's going to happen easily. Just incase you're not sure, and not equipped for the fall. Time - it moves so fast, just to move so slow. When all...

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Here's a new podcast interview, this time with Nick Pendergrast who is the co-host of Progressive Podcast, committee member of Animal Rights Advocates, and who runs the Vegan Perth website. We talk about social justice issues, veganism, Occupy, the v...

Nick Pendergrast, Progessive Podcast

Alan Dumond is a professional piercer and jeweler living and working in Indiana, USA. He’s been a runner for a few years now and vegan for a little over a decade. He has mostly been interested in longer distance stuff, ran his first 100-miler in Ju...

Alan Dumond

Other Lights
Other Lights I'm not sure I'll be the same, but now I know it's time. Sure you've got the best smile, got the biggest heart - sometimes. Just forget to call me, or just forget to write. Didn't see this in the credits because there were always other...

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Emily Segal is a vegan nutrition coach, owner and founder of Triumph Wellness, an International Nutrition Coaching Practice. She lives in Israel but works with clients all over the world via phone and Skype. Emily works with all types of eaters, spec...

Emily Segal

Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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