Be A Voice Not An Echo
Be a Voice. Not an Echo. It's time to empower, it's time to create. It's time to love, it's time to embrace. Be a Voice. Not an Echo. Let's make some changes around this place. See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest! This and m...

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Ambivalence It's not true. It's not false. Time takes what it can, then struts its stuff. Tell me which shoes to fill now the time's ticking him away. I hope you make it out okay. I know you've got some good new friends, and you've got a great ne...

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Tim Riggins
Tim Riggins Oh, Tim Riggins how's it going to be, without you on my screen most days of the week?   See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest! This and more in the eBook Write Short Wednesday: The Poetry Collection by Leigh-Chantel...

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Clints Backpack
Clint's Backpack Clint lent me his backpack for my SE Asia adventures. I honestly can't walk too far with it on my back. But when I see other travellers pulling suitcases, I'm so glad I have it. I'm going to buy him a new one as it's been on many bu...

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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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