Ed Bauer is a Champion Vegan Bodybuilder and owner of PlantFit Training Studio in Portland, OR. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE, and NESTA, with over 2000 sessions serviced. He is a Fitness Nutrition Coach through NESTA and also holds ...

Ed Bauer

Ellen Jaffe Jones is the author of her publisher's #1 best seller, Eat Vegan on $4 a Day. As an Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter and anchor for 18 years, Ellen got tired of seeing stories on the news with obese food stamp recipients saying, "Yo...

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Noel Polanco Is a vegan fitness athlete & print model from New York City. Growing up as a chubby kid in Washington Heights, Noel lost weight through jumping rope. Little Noel was an animal lover so he soon adapted to a vegetarian diet and later went...

Noel Polanco

Fiona Oakes is a Vegan Marathon Runner from the UK who in 2012 finished the Marathon des Sables: 154 miles across the Sahara with 50°C temperatures. Fiona holds the course record for the Essex Country Marathon Championship since 2007. She is the on...

Fiona Oakes

Rob Bigwood is a New York City based Interactive Art Director and a top-ranked Professional Arm Wrestler. Rob has won over 40 state tournaments, as well as the PAC’s World Championship in 2006 (left handed). He has also been featured in VegNews ma...

Rob Bigwood

Caroline Hale is a vegan powerlifter who started out going to the gym to lose a bit of weight and maybe tone up a bit (like many women do) but soon got bored with the endless cardio and sets of really light weights and starting looking online for so...

Caroline Hale

Glenn Martin is a 25 year old Brisbane man who loves fitness, outdoors, cooking and travelling. Glenn is always looking for a new challenge and enjoys volunteering in social justice issues. He lives by the motto: Life is short, live it well. You can...

Glenn Martin

Christine Vardaros is a world-class vegan cyclist – and has been both vegan and racing professionally since 2000. She currently races for STEVENS Pro Cycling Team. Christine is a pro road, mountain and cyclocross racer who has competed at top-level...

Christine Vardaros

Michael Griesmeier is a Berlin Bodybuilding champion and world record holder who was born on 23.09.1969 in Berlin, Germany. After school he was an apprenticeship cutter before spending a few years in Bundeswehr. He is currently working in the Berlin...

Michael Griesmeier

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