PLEASE NOTE: As of the end of 2015, Fawn informed me that she's no longer vegan. The below is an interview from when she was.   Fawn Porter is the Master Trainer and Health Coach at Mean Green Personal Training.   Why Vegan? How and why did yo...

Fawn Porter

Nate Guggia is an exercise enthusiast from California who now calls Salt Lake City home. After making some much-needed lifestyle changes over four years ago, Nate has turned what began as a health move, in to the greatest passion of his life. Nate ru...

Nate Guggia

Dani Raimet is a vegan energizer bunny from Canberra Australia who plays AFL (Australian Rules Football) and Australian Age Group Triathlete. Although she currently works in the IT industry, she is studying an MBA (Masters in Business Administration)...

Dani Raimet

Atsuyuki Katsuyama (K) is a Japanese vegan barefoot ultra-marathoner. He has run 82 full-marathons in his life, including 15 ultra-marathons, and 60 full-marathons in the last 60 months, including 8 ultra-marathons. He is a course record holder of Th...

Atsuyuki Katsuyama

Dr. Catherine Divingian ("Dr. D.") is a true Spartan Diva. An accomplished scientist, professor, author, speaker, athlete, and wellness expert; she believes in leading from the front as an inspiring example of vitality for those who are over 40. Dr. ...

Catherine Divinigan

Janette Murray-Wakelin & Alan Murray are Internationally-acclaimed Raw Vegan Ultra Endurance Athletes and Motivational Speakers. They are originally from New Zealand, have travelled and lived worldwide and now live a conscious raw vegan lifestyle ...

Janette Murray-Wakelin & Alan Murray

Jessica Roberts is a nutrition and health coach specializing in vegan nutrition. She is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Bikram Yoga Instructor, and currently pursuing her Registered Dietician certification. A long-time vegan...

Jessica Roberts

Kimatni D. Rawlins is the Founder of Fit Fathers, an inspirational movement encouraging dads to mobilize family values toward healthier eating and daily exercise through various activities. Kimatni's motto is simple, "health, fitness and nutrition ar...

Kimatni D Rawlins

Karina Inkster VLV
Karina Inkster is the owner and head fitness nut at Karina Inkster Healthy Living Academy, based in Vancouver, BC. With a Masters degree in Gerontology, she specializes in working with adults over 50, she also focuses on vegan and vegetarian clients....

Karina Inkster

Billy Simmonds is an Australian Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Martial Artist and Vegan. He is currently working as a Stunt Performer and Nutrition Consultant. He is the winner of the 2009 Mr. Universe title, holds multiple Black-belt...

Billy Simmonds

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