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Over the weekend, as the new President of the Vegetarian Vegan Society of Queensland (VVSQ), I organised a variety of vegan food demos and talks to take place at the Buddha's Birth Day Festival at Southbank in Brisbane, Australia.

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We were at the festival Friday through Sunday from 9am-9pm all three days. I either spoke, hosted the food demos, or helped out at the VVSQ stall. It was a great event with great team work. Here's the videos:

We started the Friday morning off with some music and Fun Kids Smoothies with children's entertainer, Renata Jayne:

(We did this show and demo twice).

Then we had Brent Farrell from 85 Miskin Street show us how to make some basic vegan degustation items which he serves at his restaurant:

That night we started off Pip Coogan from Revolution Foods as she showed us how to make a varitey of Quick and Easy Plant-Based meals using tofu and mock meats:

Download the recipe sheets here, here, and here.

Then we had Cameron Green who spoke about and gave a food demo on Cooking with Plant-based Protein:

Here's the protein info and stats Cam spoke of.

Also that night, I gave my What Do Vegans Eat? talk with special guest, Raymond from Vegan Palette, who answered some vegan nutrition questions:

On the Saturday, I also gave another version of my What Do Vegans Eat? talk:

Sunday afternoon, Natasha Petrova from Kitchen Remedy and Charlie's Raw Squeeze showed us how to make Raw Vegan Sweets:

(We did this demo twice).

To end the last day and the weekend was Ginger Mendoza from Ginger in the Raw who showed us how to make Filipino meals, vegan style:

What an awesome event - thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, helped promote our events, and joined as a member.



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