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So I organised, promoted, marketed etc an all-vegan environmental festival, Green Earth Day that took place on Saturday 12 March and as it was just so exhausting and overwhelming this year I went away for awhile afterward.

This was the second year I had organised and promoted my all-vegan festival. It was great to get away from everything - including my phone and laptop - for, okay, I only lasted 4 days, but looked, I tried. Anyway, my good friend Jodi who runs Our Place on Earth and I decided now would be a great time for catching up on quality time together and with her dog friend, Wayne. Jodi's planning on opening an animal sanctuary one day and I hope to open a vegan community, so we wanted to check out a few similar places in Northern New South Wales.

So here's my list of How to recover from organising a (vegan) festival:

1.Go to Cariad Farm sanctuary and meet new animal friends:

Check. My new friend, Darren runs an animal sanctuary around Kyogle in Northern New South Wales, Cariad Farm. Jodi and I stayed here for the night.

2. Shave head:


Check. See the above video from Cariad Farm and my new video on Vegans & Vegetarians. I asked Darren if he had hair clippers, Jodi cut my hair and Darren shaved it all off. It was just SO liberating. I suggest you do this at least once this life time. Looking in the mirror the first time, actually for awhile afterward, was bizarre, Oh, so that's what I look like now... The above photo is from when Jodi's friend and I were carrying bamboo-like lengths of wood back into Byron Bay to make a marquee from natural sources.

3. Hang out with Jodi and Wayno in Mullumbimby & Byron. Check. Love these two.

4. Camp on the beach. Check. Wish I took photos, it rained and we didn't sleep that much.

5. Get a massage, and some readings/healings. Check. This helped cleared some heart issues which was a long time coming. I finally made up my mind not to continue Green Earth Day (for the time being at least) which was freeing. 

6. Hang out with friends and make new ones. Check.

7. Eat great vegan food


Check. The above is a raw pasta and pizza from Alchemia at Byron Bay

I felt so much better after my getaway, there's a few things I plan on working on in the immediate and the near future. The break (even though only a few days) was much-needed after a very stressful last 6 months. Here's to the future!

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