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On Friday, my good friends Adele, Jeremy and I checked out the new Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant at North Lakes, September 18.


KK the owner and his family have run another veg cafe in Wellington, New Zealand, Aunty Mena for many years. KK's brother still runs that place, and KK has ventured to Australia to open September 18. Not a great name for a restaurant, but KK explained it was named this due to him and his wife having their first date on this day - aww. KK said the place has only been open for 8 weeks, so make sure you sample some of the food there the next time you're hungry and want to try somewhere new. Here's what we had:

I started with a freshly squeezed carrot and apple juice:


Jeremy chose a German non-alcoholic malt drink, Malz and Adele had a Ginger Beer:


We ordered three starters to share including - at KK's suggestion - the spring rolls AU$7 for 3:


Drumsticks AU$7 for 4:


and BBQ steamed buns, which I really liked AU$7 for 2:


I'd seen the menu on the September 18 FaceBook page so I knew I was going to order kway teow. Malaysian style flat rice noodle in dark soy sauce with vegetables AU$15 - it was delicious:


Adele ordered the gado gado, which was unlike any other gado gado I've seen. Consisiting of steamed mixed vegetables with vege fritter, tofu and homemade roasted peanuts on top, with green salad AU$15


And Jeremy ordered the kokkie mee: stir-fried noodle braised in dark soy sauce with tofu, mushrooms and greens AU$14


We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and loved the wonderful service from KK and his family. The place is welcoming, clean, with fast and friendly service and I suggest you check it out soon!

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