You may have seen the articles and media from last time I was in Indonesia. A few weekends ago I was again involved with being interviewed in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia where my friend, Irene has a vegan restaurant, Montong Cafe & Resto.


This was the first article published from Magelang Ekspres on 19 August:


Another article on the same day, this time from Suara Merdeka and with photo:

Suara_Kedu   Focus_Jateng

You can also read the above article online - use Google Translate for my non-Indonesian speaking readers. Download the PDF - see page 28 (image on the right)

 The next day we had two more interviews published. One from Tribun Jogja:


And an article in Jawa Post:


Also pictured are (L-R) Irene, Monique and Ina from Animal Friends Jogja. Monique was my translator. You can see my interview with Monique and my interview with Ina from last year. 

Also on the 20th, Jogja Kedaulatan Rakyat:


If you know of any more, please contact me.

Here's a photo of me with Montong Nasi Goreng - their famous durian fried rice:


Hope you like my new batik dress! Here's a photo of myself, the Montong staff and some of the media:


Thank you to all concerned!

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