My Town WSW
My Town It’s your turn to come to my town. You know I’ll show you around. We’ll go to the night markets, the vegan places and walk around, people watching.   When you come over we’ll stay up talking, eating food and physical stuff....

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The Sea WSW
The Sea I feel the beat of the sea through the stones at my feet. I see the sea as it breathes in time with all and me. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest!

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I dare you WSW
I Dare You I dare you to kiss me underneath this starry sky. And I dare me to open my heart and mind. For this life is short and if we do what the cards say we ought: Embrace. Anticipate. Relax into life and allow for mistakes. Leigh-Chantelle ...

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Some Memories WSW
Some Memories Got some memories I rewind just to savour those great times. I let them absorb into my mind.   Got some memories I replay just to savour those great days. I let them absorb into my brain. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write...

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Your Shadows WSW
Your Shadows   Look at your shadows -  there will be turbulent seas. Every now and then indeed.   Which one of us will make it out alive? And still in one piece? Still comfortable with ourselves?   Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write...

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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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