The Sea WSW
The Sea I feel the beat of the sea through the stones at my feet. I see the sea as it breathes in time with all and me. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write Short Wednesday series on Pinterest!

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I dare you WSW
I Dare You I dare you to kiss me underneath this starry sky. And I dare me to open my heart and mind. For this life is short and if we do what the cards say we ought: Embrace. Anticipate. Relax into life and allow for mistakes. Leigh-Chantelle ...

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Some Memories WSW
Some Memories Got some memories I rewind just to savour those great times. I let them absorb into my mind.   Got some memories I replay just to savour those great days. I let them absorb into my brain. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write...

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Your Shadows WSW
Your Shadows   Look at your shadows -  there will be turbulent seas. Every now and then indeed.   Which one of us will make it out alive? And still in one piece? Still comfortable with ourselves?   Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write...

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Monotony WSW
Monotony Everyday is the same thing, over and over. Like a needle that skips, like a dog with a new trick. Monotony. But not necessarily boring. Focusing on the goals. Aiming for the sky - every single time. Leigh-Chantelle See the whole Write...

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Leigh-Chantelle is an International Speaker & Consultant; Author, Singer/Songwriter and Blogger.

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