In case you are not aware, I’m organising the Green Earth Festival.

Green Earth Festival is a free, family orientated, community event which aims to stimulate awareness by bringing environmental, green, health and lifestyle, cruelty-free, recycling and sustainable issues into the public eye; encouraging people to make simple changes in their everyday lives to help our environment and the world we leave for generations to come.

Music 10am-8pm, Stalls 10am-6pm, Kids’ Zone 10am-4pm

The festival will comprise live bands/performers, a second stage for demonstrations and speakers, a food zone, children’s zone, video zone, art and fashion displays, roving entertainment and many stalls to create a full-filled festival atmosphere strongly supporting the promotion of local grassroots communities, multiculturalism and the Indigenous people and their culture.

I’ve been working on this festival for over a year now.  Slow, small steps in the beginning, just a couple of chats with some friends on exactly what we wanted to achieve, as a group and as a festival.  Now it’s into the gaining momentum quicker and quicker.  It’s a huge learning experience for myself and everyone around me.  I’ve learned that the people who I thought would give me the most support have not.  I have made strong, lifelong, inspiring friendships with people I hadn’t even met this time last year.  I trust my instincts more and don’t listen to the nay-sayers.  

I have always been a positive person and continue to be.  I believe in what I am doing.  I walk my talk.  I believe that the world is changing and will change more and I am thankful that I will be one of the instigators for this change.  I am inspired by all the different types of people I meet who are wanting to embrace the change, who have been waiting in the shadows for a chance to show exactly what they are made of, and who give their best to what they know is right.


This festival has always been about uniting the grassroots communities together to promote change, as these are the people who make the longest-standing changes throughout history.  I’ve been having a lot of interviews lately with magazines, newspapers and more.  People sense the change and they sense that by combining all of the smaller sections into one big group true and inspirational change happens with just one spark of the already-lit flames.  It is powerful and very humbling to be involved in instigating this change.  There are many people who have helped me with the festival, the not-for-profit environmental awareness Green Earth Group Inc, our fundraisers last year and many more who will help out at the festival. To be at the forefront, guiding people who want to help but aren’t exactly sure how, to encouraging them to use their skills, passions and talents to help with these long-coming changes is amazing, true and humbling.

We have volunteers but can always use more.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact me.  There are many ways to help including online promotion through various social networking, event and press release sites, street teams to promote by handing out posters to shops to display, postcards and flyers to people who are interested in coming along to the festival.  There’s also setting up on the day, the day before and helping packing up.  Plus many areas where you can help on the day of the Green Earth Festival.  For all you creative types, we have a creative day on the 6th March where you can come along to help us create signage etc.


Also, you can support us by proudly wearing your merchandise, and monetarily by joining as a paid member or donating to help us with our environmental education with the festival and beyond.   We appreciate any help that you can give and look forward to you being a part of the Green Earth Festival!

See http://www.greenearthfestival.net for more information

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