Today is International Women's Day (IWD). Even though it's been a total shitshow with Australian politicians not being held accountable for the way they treat women, IWD is still worth drawing attention to, learning more information about why IWD is needed, and just trying to listen more than we speak.

Here's some lettering I created from various quotes I find inspiring and some links for you to read.

As Katharine Murphy said, "Standards are changing. Expectations are evolving."

It's time for accountability and fast actions. It's time to join together to fight for what is right. 

First up, this quote from Atticus - don't wait for someone to save you, take up the fight!

Atticus IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

The past few weeks of social media and media focusing on allegations of certain men in Canberra acting inappropriately, yet still climbing up the ladder, while women who experience trauma are left behind and forgotten, called liars, and generally not heard or believed, women and their allies are raging. Remember, we want EQUALITY.

This from The Australian writer, Nikki Gemmell:

Rage is still seething among so many women (and men). It will not dissipate quite in the way the Coalition hopes as new media cycles take over. A lot of women will remember this extraordinary week come ballot time. They feel spring-loaded with anger. Because we’ve had enough. There’s great power in women’s anger and we’ve been culturally conditioned to suppress it – but this situation feels like tinder to the flame

At this time it is important to work out what your skill sets are and use them for the changes we need in the world. What are yours?


Elanor Roosevelt IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

Women are discredited and silenced all the time, but it really feels like the tides are changing.

For example, women in politics are calling out sexism in Canberra

How can you ensure that women are listened to more - in your workplace or socially?


Adrienne Rich IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

When we work together, we bond with others who understand our quest and give each other the chance to try out other possibilities we may have not seen, believed in, or ever thought about before. 

Stay close to those people who see your true potential.

If you too are sick of the "advice", lies, hypocrisy, gaslighting, fake apologies/emotions from just about everyone in positions of power, might I suggest you get on board with MFW Consumer Campaigns: #NewsCorpse #DontFundRape #MurdochFreeWorld, and IWD's own #BoostWomen campaign - where you boost women and their stories (most people, even women, share more from men than women). All the links to get involved and spread the word.


W E B Dubois IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

When you know that it's down to YOU and you alone to make things happen in your life - we can't really rely on these politicians and people in power, can we? - then you are determined and focused on making your world better - for yourself and the others who inhabit it.

When you are determined and you have made up your mind, then you can do anything because the fear dissipates.


Rosa Parks IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

Women's voices are heard less than men's, but marginalised women's voices are heard and believed even less. 

Read this opinion article from Chelsea Watego, This International Women’s Day, where are the Indigenous voices?

This includes an amazing quote from a tweet from Teila Watson,

Colonisers want my song without my story, my art without my politics and my culture without my sovereignty.

Learn more about some of our Indigenous women and those Women of Colour across the pond too.

What other voices can you bring into telling our shared histories?


RG Moon IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

Yes, we all need to listen a lot more than we speak. But, when you know a lot more about a subject than the person speaking at you does, just wait until they hear your well-researched, well-articulated, inconvenient truths.

I personally, love a debate.

Sometimes it takes a while, Julia Gillard gave a great speech against misogyny in parliament in 2012, but it's only recently become a ‘battle anthem’ for young women


Gina Carey IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

There are challenges all around us, especially more for women.

How can you learn more about what is affecting the women in your life?

Hira Ali points out the Five Ways the Coronavirus is Adversely Impacting Women:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Family Responsibilities
  • Gender Violence
  • Education

 I personally love a challenge! What, you think this is something not many people can achieve? Well, just watch me achieve it!


Judy Garland IWD2021 quote by Leigh Chantelle

There's no need to be what others want you to be. You know your truths and what you want from your life. Live by example to change our world.


As Grace Tame (Australian of the Year) said recently,

Be bold. Be courageous. Speak your truth. It is powerful.

Please take the time to watch her full address at the National Press Club (trigger warning). She is a star.


If you are not moving with the times, then get out of our way.

Happy IWD. Hope you have wonderful women in your life who you learn from each and every day.

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