Leigh-Chantelle from Viva la Vegan! shares her reasons for deleting her VLV! social media channels.

Why Im Deleting my Viva la Vegan Social Media Channels

Watch the Video.


  • I have other priorities that bring me more joy
  • I want to spend less and less time on digital devices and online platforms
  • Other people have more passion and enthusiasm for doing what I've done for the past two decades, time for them to do it
  • I don't want to be associated with the vegan/animal rights movement in its present version

Thanks to everyone over the past decade (of VLV!) and two decades+ for supporting me and my work in the vegan/animal rights movement.

Also, see my What Would You Be Doing if the World Was Already Vegan? video

All social media channels (except VLV! YouTube) deleted December 2018.

You can find LC on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube @leighchantelle

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