1 year into my PhD and my confirmation presentation was approved yesterday! I am looking at the impacts on stakeholders in Australia of transitioning to autonomous vehicles.

Even with Mum’s passing, I ticked this milestone off my list. I am VERY proud of myself as you can imagine things have been intense since xmas...

Even though my write-up handed in on the 7th was not my usual high standard, what got me through what “Perfect is Good, Done is Better” which one of my friends Tia gave as advice. (And I had a few weeks after this to polish things for my presentation).

Perfect is Good. Done is Better. Leigh Chantelle

Here's a photo from the weekend with the Griffith Network Security & Blockchain Research Group (one of my supervisors, Muthu's past & present students) at the Spit.

VERY multicultural group - I am the only Australian-born! L-R: KB, Samantha, Zahra, Zorka, LC, Steve, Muthu, Babu, and Zhe.

Network security and blockchain research group meetup

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