I'm safely back home at my beloved Ubud after my European Adventures and quite a bit of stress getting here... On my London, England -> Denpasar, Indonesia travels I read the book How to be a Heroine or what I've Learned from Reading too much by Samantha Ellis.

How to be a Heroine or what Ive Learned from Reading too much by Samantha Ellis

This book was inspired by Samantha visiting the Haworth area (where the Bronte sisters are from, and where I visited recently) when arguing with her best friend over whether Jane Eyre or Cathy Earnshaw (Wuthering Heights) was a better heroine.

This book is part memoir, part journey through Samantha’s rediscovering of her favourite books from her youth, the profound impact they had on her just when she needed it, and what she gets out of them now. Some girls and women in these books stand up to the scrutiny, some do not.

The book is an inspiring exploration of the role of heroines, and our favourite books, in all our lives - and how they change over time, for better or worse, just as we do.

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