Here's a presentation I gave that answers the question I'm sure you have asked yourself (!), is Twitter is an effective tool for communicating research findings in psychology?

Is Twitter an Effective Tool for Communicating Research Findings in Psycholog

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Due to the majority of people using social media sites, such as Twitter, for news, it is inferred that people will also share other information online. This presentation focuses on whether Twitter is an effective tool for communicating research findings in psychology. Facebook is a more sociable site where messages of friends and family are more commonly shared than serious news items. On the other hand, Twitter is the place people go to keep up with news and for gathering information. Various studies show the positive aspects of utilising Twitter, including learning and understanding.

Psychologists have found that being on Twitter can help extend their research communication, especially with others from outside their field. There are various examples of what researchers can share on Twitter, from live-tweeting at conferences, sharing resources, and supporting others. Many opportunities come from engaging on Twitter such as professional speaking opportunities, publishing opportunities, higher citation count in Google Scholar, and reaching the general public who may not have access to journal articles.

Twitter can be utilised for learning when information is available and people are exposed to it, when motivated to pay attention, and having the ability to understand. Twitter meets the conditions of an “information-sharing community” and can be used to share thoughts, resources, and engage with others also interested in psychological research - all aspects of enhancing learning. Due to Twitter amplifying communication, creation, negotiation, and sharing knowledge, it is believed that these are all important principles for effectively communicating research findings in psychology.

This presentation was for the 2203LHS (Language, Technology & Social Media) course Oral Presentation, one of the electives for Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). Submitted in August 2019 (Mark: 27/30).

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