One of the books I read from the cyberpsychology field I'm getting into is: The Psychology of Social Media by Ciaran Mc Mahon, a historian, and philosopher of psychology, whose research interests lie at the intersection of psychology and technology, including cybersecurity and social media.

The Psychology of Social Media by Ciaran Mc Mahon 


This book is part of the Routledge book series, The Psychology of Everything.

Ciaran argues that to understand the psychology of social media, it is necessary to understand social media’s principles based on observable statistical calculations. He shares a variety of studies and their findings and links them with a variety of aspects related to social media. This is a short, easily read book that starts the conversation on social media and its impact on our lives, rather than giving a variety of tools and techniques to change the status quo.

The book includes the following chapters:

  • Profiles and how we express our identities online
  • Connections and how we make them online - you can READ this chapter for free
  • Updates and how we express ourselves on a variety of platforms online
  • Media and why we share content online, and what we get out of it
  • Messaging and the private or direct message we send to others in a non-public way
  • Values and what they mean, from numbers and digits to morals and ethics.

From a report on the book:

He argues, through psychological reflection, that this dance between users and the providers of services seeking to commodify human experience for commercial gain is one that may be captivating for both parties, but remains ignorant of the broader unexplored implications.

READ the free chapter on Connections.


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