I'm almost heading back home after my European Adventures and my Indonesian trip. I found a book at a second-hand book store in Ubud, which I knew the TV show was based on, however I had always thought it was a fictional story. I'm not too keen on fiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Friday Night Lights the book by HG (known as Buzz now) Bissinger (I was obsessed with the TV series) - based on his year (1988) living in Odessa, Texas and EVERYONE's obsession with the high school football team, the Permian Panthers.

Friday Night Lights the book by HG Bissinger

If you've watched the series, the book too is MUCH more than just about football. It covers racism, misplaced educational priorities, and a town so caught up in teenagers taking them out of their oil bust depression that it had lost its ability to judge itself. I feel it's also a good sign of where America was (and is again) re patriotism and immense faith in "the way things used to be" being the aim.

This is an exceptional book and addresses a hell of a lot of issues, bringing up more questions as to the way young men are looked after - or not - in our society. Men are much more than stereotypes we see so often (same as women!) and so much more than just brute strength, overtly-masculine, unfeeling, uncaring creatures.

I love the fact that sports (and music, and art) can inspire so many people, but worry when losing truly harms and shatters youngsters, sometimes for life. I believe we need to treat sportspeople as HUMANS and appreciate their talents, dedication and wins, as well as support them throughout loses, and especially with the transition into real life.

Let's have a great discussion about the book once you've read it!

Also check out Buzz' 25th anniversary book excerpt

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