To celebrate the listing of my old music on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, I thought I'd share my first music release, the Inspiration Relocation EP (Extended Play).

I'm honestly not happy with how I sound on this EP (and a few other things) - but it was the best I could do at the time and I'm proud of the release!


Inspiration Relocation was recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Andrew Polzin for Bombsquad Productions in December 2001 and releases in March 2002.

I wrote the lyrics and music for all 5 songs, with (friend from high school) Angela Turner, (my sister's partner) Ben Gill and (music retail customer and friend) Jaffe adding their musical skills to track 4, Falling.

I sang and played acoustic guitar for all the songs. Jaffe played electric and additional acoustic guitar parts. Ben Gill played bass guitar, Angela Turner played grand piano and (my sister's school friend) Andrew Polzin played extra bass and guitar parts as well as all the drum programming.

Benjamin Tupas (my good friend since year 6!) designed the CD booklet and layout as well as took all the photos which you can VIEW here. I did the lettering.
Here's how the CD booklet looked:
Track 1: All You'll Ever Be
Track 2: Withhold From Dreaming
Withhold From Dreaming music video was directed by Josu Abrego of 2's Company Productions on the 15th March 2002.

Track 3: Consume


See the LYRICS here.

Track 4: Falling


See the LYRICS here.

Track 5: Everytime You See Fit (Drowning)


See the LYRICS here.

Here's how the CD looked when you opened it up:


Along with the back and the disc - and yes, pink is still my favourite colour!


One of the loves of my life told me after this was released that I was so jaded for someone so young. Another told me I was a broken-hearted romantic reflectionist. They were both right - at the time. When I was younger all I wanted to do was to be a rockstar. At the stage of recording and releasing this EP, I'd quit my job to do just that - soon realising it's quite a bit harder than it seems... I've had a break from music for over 3 years now - with my last live performances (with guitar) November 2010. I've sung here and there but my focus has been on vegan and environmental education.

Just recently I've been feeling inspired to create music again. I've uploaded my old releases onto Bandcamp and SoundCloud to acknowledge and appreciate where I've come from in my musical journey, and to make way for the future. Stay tuned for my new releases - maybe by the time the year is out!

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