Here's my favourite music for the year, some of them are only new releases. There's one EP (Extended Play) in the mix as well.

Lucy Dacus has released another outstanding album, and she also joins Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers (past faves) to make up Boy Genius. Middle Kids finally released their debut album, and Chvrches and Pinegrove never disappoint with their releases. Enjoy the list in alphabetical order below.

LC fave albums 2018 


Boy Genius (Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers) - s/t EP

 boygenius st

Fave Song: Me & My Dog

Nothing better in this world than three of my faves releasing music together! Live set on NPR Music Tiny Desk & Brooklyn Steel/Pitchfork live

BUY the EP on Bandcamp.

Christine and The Queens - Chris

christine and the queens chris 

Fave Song: Comme si - the amount of times I've listened to this song!

Live on KEXP & Capitol Studios

BUY the album.

Chvrches - Love is Dead

Chvrches love 

Always great releases from Chvrches.

Fave Song: Never Say Die

BUY the album.

The Flats - Nobody People

the Flats Nobody

Mat Kerekes' latest musical output.

Fave Song: Carolyn Days

BUY the album on Bandcamp.

Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae Comp 

Love. Especially the posthumous Prince influence.

Fave song: Make Me Feel

BUY the album.

Lucy Dacus - Historian

Lucy Dacus Historian 

Can't believe this album is even better than her first!

Fave song: Night Shift

Live set for Brooklyn Steel

BUY the album on Bandcamp.

Middle Kids - Lost Friends

Middle Kids Lost Friends 

Finally the album is out!

(Other than the EP songs) Fave Song: Please

Great band live! Live set on KEXP & Paste Studio

BUY the album on Bandcamp.

Pinegrove - Skylight

Pinegrove Skylight 

Fave Song: Skylight

One of my favourite bands. So grateful I saw them in Manchester on my European Adventures!

I had a dream Pinegrove were releasing a new album, but dismissed it as Evan was on a hiatus (see link below). A few days later, the album was availible for pre-release! I also love that due to myself and others pre-ordering the album, we got sent the acoustic version later on. Wonderful. That's how you look after fans!

Here's a great article on Pinegrove and my thoughts on the hiatus.

BUY the album on Bandcamp.

Troye Sivan - Bloom

Troye Sivan Bloom 

Fave Song: Bloom is the standout, Lucky Strike also great.

BUY the album.



Augie March - Bootikins

Bad Bad Hats - Lightning Round

E^ST - Life Isn't Always Roses EP

The Internet - Hive Mind

Mallrat - In the Sky EP

Tkay Maidza - Last Year Was Weird, Vol 1 EP

Years & Years - Palo Santo


As always, I get my music ideas from Bandcamp, and I'm obsessed with AudioTree: recording audio and visual live performances of independent artists in their studio, releasing online, and giving the artist 50% of the takings via Bandcamp. Also new additions for the year are NRP's TIny Desk sessions and KEXP sessions: non-profit, listener-supported radio.



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